Google Analytics Service


                    Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics tool. It enables anyone with a website to understand what is and isn't working from both a marketing campaign and usability perspective.


                    Google's commitment to online excellence has lead them to develop an extremely powerful analytics tool that is scalable to enterprise level yet makes actionable data accessible to the layman.


Why Bravo soft solution

                     Our Google Analytics team comprises of competent, web-savvy professionals who have years of expertise in successfully implementing and monitoring analytics for numerous clients. With up-to-date knowledge and in depth industry intelligence, our team can put you on road to success online.


Google Analytics can

  • Help comprehend visitors' interests/objectives in visiting you
  • Enhance and improve visitors' experience; target the right traffic
  • Escalate the number of leads generated and leads converted into sales
  • Assist in setting marketing goals; help track and gauge success/failure
  • Formulate new strategies/methods to better your services/products
  • Measure your company's position in the virtual world from time to time

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