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                    Bravo Soft Solution is a leading website redesign company that pioneers in providing professional website redesign which helps to boost the performance of your existing website.Your website is your identity and it is the medium through which you can win the heart of your clients and customers..


                     Your website design will represent your company, your capability and your versatility, so it need to be constantly updated, re designed to retain more customers by integrating latest innovations to fulfill their needs. Web Redesign is also required to meet organizational constantly growing demands and remain flexible to scale all future challenges.


Upgrade Your Web Presence Today!

                    Your site's look and layout gives visitors their first impression of your companies image. A professional and appropriate look to your website is critical to your online presence. Upgrading your website's overall look and feel leads to more credibility which can lead to less page exits and more interest in what your site has to offer.


Our website redesign services:

                    Complete website redesign services, along with maintenance and updates for your website throughout the year

  • Search engine optimization and content analysis
  • Optional website redesign at the time of annual renewal
  • Conversion and usability analysis of existing website and redesigned website

Website Redesign - What we do?

1. Describe a clear reason
                     We redesign your website such that when browsers visit your website, they immediately understand the core purpose of your website.
2. Build in a clear theme throughout your website
                    We closely evaluate the primary purpose of your website and avoid adding impertinent features that do no good to your website other than distracting visitors from the very focus of your website.
3. Concord graphics
                     We redesign your website with graphics that are in harmony with your website theme and purpose. We do not make use of out of the line graphics that do not relate to your website by any means.
4. Build site interactivity
                     The web being an interactive medium, we redesign your website such that it establishes methods in which the web-surfers will either like to revisit or be invited to return. Some of these features include newsletter signup, website contests, social book marking etc.
5. Fast loading speed
                     The high loading speed of your website can convince the browsers visit your site. Browsers tend to click away to your competition if you have a slow loading website. We employ the following ideas to speed up site loading:

  • Do not congest your website with too many graphics on a single page.
  • Optimize the graphics in order to make them load faster.
  • Remove bloated or irrelevant html and make use of clean coded html.

6. Offer worthy content
                     "Content" is considered to be "king" on Internet. People browsing through net are always searching for easily available information about service or product. While redesigning your website, we keep in mind that your homepage must allure the browsers to dig deeper into your site.


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